Saturday, June 13, 2009


Dads are great! My dad totally saved our butt today. Justin got a super migraine this morning and between throwing up, and not being able to see or really even stand, he was in no shape to be running his machine. So we ran with one machine for a while, as best we could. Then we got super slammed, even more than we had been earlier which was much busier than usual. Anyway, so we got slammed and I called my dad and asked if he knew anyone that could help us, and as soon as he could he came and ran our machine for us. I don't know what we would have done without his help today! When he got there we had 4 boats waiting to be launched, and 5 boats waiting to be brought in out of the water. He hates running skidders, the machines we have, because they are really hard on your neck and back, because you're always looking over your shoulder and then forward, and over your shoulder and forward.......all day long, which is very painful after a while, but he jumped right in and helped. THANK YOU DAD!! You saved our bacon! or our boats I guess! :)

Also fun to report today was our 2 busiest days in the last 2 days. Friday we had 46 launches, which ties for our biggest day. Then today we had 68 launches - way past our previous best day! It was so busy, but it was really a fun busy. Especially after dad came, and we had the capacity to handle all of our busy-ness. So although Justin was sick we have much to be thankful for!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goat Baby Updates

This is my absolute favorite picture of the goat babies from tonight. Her cute little tongue sticking out just cracks me up. :)
Susan stepping in while I was trying to take a picture of Bob

Friendly Susan

Jumping down
Susan and Bob
Susan is a big jumper and climber, she's always looking for food.
The tail end of Lucy's yawn - so cute
The suspicous Lucy. She's a little more shy than she would have been if I was bottle feeding her, but after the disaster of the first four and all that trouble, I just wasn't up to it. We won't get as much milk, and the babies will be more shy, but I guess that's just the way it has to be.

More lucy
I lifted the heat light to shine on her for a better picture, but she wasn't such a fan of the light in her eyes, not that I blame her.

"Are you taking a picture of my bum??" funny little goat
Mama Gabby
Gabby peaking at me
Watching my every move to make sure I'm not bothering her babies

Fawn scratching his head
Chewing his cud, such a cute pic of his lip sticking out

Here's Billy Bob
Bob again
Susan, Bob, and Fawn
Susan, Bob, and Fawn again
So right now we have Susan, the only survivor of Gretta's brood. We brought her home about 10 days ago or so. Then we have Bob, or Billy Bob as I call him. We bought him from Beth the goat lady, to keep as our own buck. He's a funny guy, totally different personality than the lady goats. He's only a few months old, and he's already trying to get to Gabby, and trying to flirt with her and stuff. Kind of funny. Next we have Fawn, or Mr. Tumnus the Fawn, named from "The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe". Lucy is also named after Lucy from the book. They're gabby's. We don't yet know if we will sell Fawn or eat him. The jury is still out on that. Then we have mama Gabby. She's doing good, taking good care of her babies and very protective of them. And that's our goat brood!