Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Hinkley

I just wanted to add my tribute to all the ones I'm sure will be coming out about President Hinckley. Pres. Hinckley has been the only prophet that I've really known, since being old enough to know, and to be active in the church. I'm glad for his sake that he will be back with his sweet wife, he's spoken about how lonely he was without her, and I'm sure they're happy together. But, it will seem strange to not have President Hinckley, he was so straightforward and just plain cool. I'll miss his smile, wit, and humor, as well as the tremendous instruction. Alaska has a temple because of Pres. Hinckley, and we were sealed as a family in a temple that he designed on a napkin, its pretty amazing to think about.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I just felt like blogging today, not that I have a whole lot to say. I didn't want to post a pictureless post, so I looked through my laptop and found this picture. I figured we can all use a little reminder that spring will come again this time of year. Its supposed to be between -5 and -15 tonight. Its already -13 in Soldotna, and 3 here and the sun hasn't even gone down yet, so I know its going to be cold. I guess that's why we live in Alaska though right??? :)
We had our ward conference today, and it was very uplifting for me. I really liked the personal council from our stake president, and bishop, aimed just for our ward, it was really refreshing, and nice to hear a message by the priesthood just for our area. It was mostly about how we need to be more forgiving, and that people aren't perfect, but we have to learn to let things go, and also about the choices we make and the lasting consequences. It was really inspirational, and I got a lot out of it. I wish I could do better all the time about following the things I learn, but I guess we all do the best we can, so I'll just keep working on it and hope I get it down someday. :)
We're doing good. Justin left the house yesterday for the first time since the day after Christmas, so I think he was glad to get out and about. His ankle is still really hurting him, but he got some sports tape, and taped it up tight to hold it together so he can walk a little bit, and start using his ankle. I'm doing good, I took some time this last week, 2 afternoons, to scrapbook, and make a bunch of cards. It was really nice, and very refreshing to do something creative that wasn't holiday related. I enjoy doing all the holiday things, but then I'm glad when the holidays are over too, and I can go back to just doing regular creative fun things. Doing stuff just because I want to, and not because it has a deadline, or a season.
Well anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and do a little blogging today. I hope you are all well, and enjoying your winter, whatever kind of winter you're having, and if you're not enjoying your winter, well then, just think of the daffodils. :) Love Alicia

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the Patient

Mya and Scruffy have been worrying about Justin, since he got injured, and they've been following him around, and sitting on him, and staring at him. Its pretty funny. Just wanted to share some cute pics. :) Alicia

The rest of the trip

Ok, this is just a neat old building. Unfortunately, either right before this or right after this, I can't remember, I ran over a bunny. It was really sad, I've never even run over a squirrel before, and I squished a bunny. I was very upset, but not much I could do about it. :)
Vernal temple
Waiting in line at the Taco Bell drive through in Vernal. It was seriously the SLOWEST drive through I have ever been in.
In the convention center, in the area where they show all 12 of the original Book of Mormon paintings, the first time they have ever been displayed together as a collection. They are really impressive, much more detail than you can see in the miniaturized versions.
Cute meeting house in Silverton
I'm fascinated by old mining equipment and mining areas, so it was really cool to be able to drive through the pass between Durango, Silverton, and Grand Junction, and get to see all the old mining stuff. I took pictures of a couple of sings that talk about how much material was mined and sold from there. It was really interesting. Justin's very insterested in mining too, so that was fun to talk about and share.

It was really cold up there, on the north side of the mountain, heading down into Silverton.
I don't remember where this was, but it was pretty. :)

Well, that wraps up our pictures from the trip. Well, the ones that are worth sharing anyway. I already posted the Christmas lights on the family christmas blog, and the rest are scenery and repeats. We had a really great trip.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


After we visited Justin's mom and dad, we stopped by Earlene & Scott's again to see Joanna and her family, and Jed's family again, then we hopped in the car, and just drove. We ended up going towards Silverton, and Durango. It was a beautiful drive, there wasn't very much snow, but I think they got a lot of snow not long after we were there. It was really pretty, and we had a nice fun drive. After we went to Silverton, and drove out of the mountains we went to Grand Junction, then drove up and came back into Utah through Vernal (so we could get another temple picture for our collection). It was just really fun to see some country that I've never seen before, and we even found a few roads Justin hadn't been on yet, so that was fun for him too.