Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moose in the yard

We had some moose in the yard, a mama and this years calf. Had to take pictures of course. They hung around for a long time, they ate a bunch of willows (they're the reason we have willows- so they come around more) and then bedded down next to the pond and chilled for a while. They were still there when the sun went down, so that was neat.

Monday, January 18, 2010

New sign

I've been wanting to make a vinyl sign for the bathroom wall that said this for a while now. Finally got around to it. I think it looks great - not sure why the bathroom wall looks that color, the wall is actually a nice light cream color. But anyway, the sign looks cute, now hopefully it will stay - the vinyl didn't really like the textured wall.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dad's new (ish) chair

Mom got a new chair, that will help her get up and down more, given to her from her insurance company. So dad decided to trade up from his old broken chair, to mom's "old" chair. Mom's been trying to get him a new chair for years, and he wouldn't even consider it, but then the other day he decided that when she got her new chair, he would trade for the chair she was sitting in. So, now he's got a newish new chair. And its a recliner and a half, so there's even room for a puppy to sit with him. And it didnt' take 2 very long to figure that out. I think he'd been sitting in the new chair trying it out for about 20 seconds before she jumped up there and sat down on the empty side. She was so cute. Mya wanted to get up too, but she didn't want to jump up, so she just leaned over the arm of the chair. Such funny dogs!

Justin's new bowl

Here are some pictures of Justin's newest bowl. Its beautiful!

Doggy cart ride

Well actually this first picture is 2, helping dad eat his jerky and read the paper. She sat next to the chair for a long time, then eventually she just climbed up there and started licking his face, she was sure that jerky smelled like something she wanted and that gramps would let her have it. Then she stayed in the chair, and she would stare at him for a few seconds, then lick him really quick. then he'd tell her to stop, so she'd stare at him for a few seconds, then lick him really fast again. It was hilarious!
Justin taught the girls to ride in the garden cart today. Unfortunately the pictures loaded backwards, but they are still cute. He started up at the shop, and loaded them into the cart, called me so I could see and take pictures, then he "drove" them all the way down to the house, and under the deck where the wood is stacked. It was so funny! They were so serious about it.