Saturday, June 13, 2009


Dads are great! My dad totally saved our butt today. Justin got a super migraine this morning and between throwing up, and not being able to see or really even stand, he was in no shape to be running his machine. So we ran with one machine for a while, as best we could. Then we got super slammed, even more than we had been earlier which was much busier than usual. Anyway, so we got slammed and I called my dad and asked if he knew anyone that could help us, and as soon as he could he came and ran our machine for us. I don't know what we would have done without his help today! When he got there we had 4 boats waiting to be launched, and 5 boats waiting to be brought in out of the water. He hates running skidders, the machines we have, because they are really hard on your neck and back, because you're always looking over your shoulder and then forward, and over your shoulder and forward.......all day long, which is very painful after a while, but he jumped right in and helped. THANK YOU DAD!! You saved our bacon! or our boats I guess! :)

Also fun to report today was our 2 busiest days in the last 2 days. Friday we had 46 launches, which ties for our biggest day. Then today we had 68 launches - way past our previous best day! It was so busy, but it was really a fun busy. Especially after dad came, and we had the capacity to handle all of our busy-ness. So although Justin was sick we have much to be thankful for!


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

YAY for Dads! !

They bring home furniture from yard sales even if they don't like the style (it turned out to be a1940's hollywood vanity).

And then they go and drive skidders all afternoon.
Pretty cool guy.

Carolee Jones said...

wow.. your dad was a life(*boat) saver. I suffer from occasional migrains too and when they hit, your knocked to your knees with NO where to go but down. Kind of reduces you to an incompacitated puddle. I sure hope he's doing better today, it's amazing Justin was STILL ABLE to work through it. Your Dad's (Brian) amazing, I don't know a more generous person with his time and service! You're lucky to have him as your dad!