Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My best quilt ever

I found this pattern in my quilting magazine last year, and took it down to the store to find fabrics, and found these four, one is a cream with white print, the other is a darker cream with red flowers, and cinnamon red with dark cream flowers, and a brighter/darker red with cream flowers, and I knew they had to be this quilt. I am so excited with how this turned out. The quilting is an all over pattern, in red, then the center cream squares are a free form flower that I just cranked out by eye to fit the space. The back is a really cool japanese, mum flower pattern, that is red and white. I can say absolutely this is the best I have ever done. I made a cool purple quilt last year that I did really good on, but there were a couple bobbles on the back. But I think there is only 1 tiny bobble on the back of this one, and the rest is perfect. I'm so proud of myself! :) Love this quilt. Its a super king size, larger than normal, so that it almost touches the floor on all four sides of the bed, so they can fight over it, and tuck and roll, and the other guy won't freeze. :) I used a cotton batting, with a little polyester, that is really warm and super soft. Anyway, I'm very happy with it, and mom and dad love it! It goes great with the creamy/red colors in their room, very warm and friendly looking.

Christmas stuff

Kitty's present didn't get done, so he had to suffice with a sparkly bow tossed at him. He wasn't so impressed, but that could have been because Mya was SUPER excited to open presents - this dog really gets the whole present opening thing. She doesn't get that they aren't all for her, but she does enjoy the process.
Before the ribbon.
Here's 2 showing "grandpa" her new baby doll. Sewed from old jeans, and stuffed with an old shirt cut up into little pieces. very durable and safe, in case they somehow tear them. 2's baby has purple hair, and a purple ribbon.

Mya chilling with her baby doll, her's has pink hair and a pink bow.
2 was terrified by the sound of the paper crackling, something from her past of being abused, not sure what happened, but anyway, she tried to crawl under Justin to hide, until he could show her it was a present.
No, that's not Mya's present, that's MINE! She stole it, and kept trying to take it out of my pile, guess she decided that all the presents wrapped in snow man paper were hers...
Blurry I know, but it was a blur of activity while they were trying to open their presents. Like I said, Mya really likes unwrapping.
Here is the beautiful rocking chair Justin built for me. The wood is from birch trees that dad logged, and our neighbor Ron sawed into lumber, and Justin made into a rocker for me. Pretty cool!!
Here's the genealogy/computer desk dad commisioned and Justin built. On each side is a shelf that slides out. the one on the left is for the scanner, the right is for the printer. So cool!! Mom was floored, she loved it, and it was a total surprise, because I was the master of keeping secrets this Christmas - and usually I'm really lame at present secrets - you can ask anyone. I get too excited. but since it was a small Christmas it was very important to me that the element of surprise be there, so I worked really hard, and let me say I rocked! hehehe. Justin did such a great job of building this, its absolutely gorgeous!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snowy Girls

Sniffing, always sniffing
Mya watching 2, making sure she didn't do anything Mya didn't approve of.

2 wallowing in the snow, she flops out in the snow, and stuffs her nose down as far into the snow as she can get it. This dog really loves snow!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A little napping

Scruffy never misses a good nap, and curling up with Justin was just his style!

frozen fog

We've had a lot of fog the last couple of days, and it froze to the trees, and made everything so pretty and white! I figured I better get some pictures before it melted, not that it was warm enough to melt anything today. brrrrrr

Friday, December 4, 2009

More pictures

Susan a couple months ago. She turns 8 months old on the 8th of this month.
The ever earnest 2.
Mya, looking a little bored.
Some of our thanksgiving yummies.

New background

Ok, I think there was a reason I was holding off of putting up my own designed background. Doing the designing wasn't too hard, I was following instructions my cousin Joanna posted, and I knew what I wanted because I was going for Christmas and I only had 5 Christmas papers on this computer - keeps that simple. But I had the hardest time getting it to post to my blog, in fact it still is not right, but its pretty close so we'll go with that for now. I'm really looking forward to trying more of these in the future. My friend gave me a bunch of digital images and such to use, and I think this is going to be fun. Hopefully everyone can see it okay. :)

We had our church women's group Christmas party last night, which was fun as always. I've been spending a lot of time connecting, or trying to, on facebook, and have been neglecting my blog. But I have a new friend at Church, and she blogs a lot, and that has inspired me to reconnect with my blog.
When Justin and I got married, my brother gave us a Kitchenaid mixer, which I have been saving, and dreaming of using. I wasn't going to get it out until I had my own kitchen to enjoy it in, but since its been more than 2 years, I decided I should get it out and start enjoying it, even though its not my own kitchen. So I got it out and annointed it with powdered sugar, making frosting for a new recipe for Christmas cookies. Its FABULOUS! I love it. It has a little more juice than mom's that I usually use, and its smooth, and fast, and I LOVE my mixer. This is going to be a fabulous addition to my life for many years to come. Thanks Blake!

We've been enjoying a big snow storm this week. We got about a foot of snow at the house here, so that was fantastic. Justin was able to plow some driveways and make a little cash, so that was great too. It was so pretty and new. I love big snow storms. It could have blizzarded like that all week, and we would have been ecstatic. Mom and dad- not so much excited about the snow. The dogs love it too. 2, the dog, loves the snow more than any dog I have ever seen. After it snowed, before he plowed, she would walk out and just FLOP into the snow and lay there with her face stuffed into the snow. They were happy doggies this week.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Something New

Justin's sister Novella was complaining that we hadn't posted anything in a while, so Justin (and I) came up with this post. We posted "something new" and a fun picture for Novella. :)

There's a real new post below this one. :) This was just the opener for Novella.

Creative Block

We've had a little trouble being creative lately in the scrapbooking area, and looking at some old pictures tonight, I can see why. This first picture is what the room used to look like. Nice and open, lots of room, and light, and empty space. Then following this, you'll see some of the stuff that is on the desk, and around the desk now. I'm thankful that I don't have a picture of what it looks like today from this same angle, because lets face it, its frightening! I'm thankful, very thankful, for all the wonderful papers and supplies that we have, I just wish they were displayed and organized in a more eye appealing way, because right now its kind of overwhelming. I'm not really sure what to do to fix it, but looking at what the room used to be, I can definitely see what we need to!

Above is the before. Below is a storage piece we used to keep next to the desk.
My side of the scrapping desk, and the book case in front of the window.

More of my side of the desk. See the black piece of paper on the desk? that's my work space area now to do my projects - Needs a little work! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finished Quilt

Here's the finished quilt. Its about 4 feet square. Turned out pretty good I think. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This years carrot and cauliflower pickles and the zucchini relish. Good stuff!