Friday, August 21, 2009

My new couch! and chair

Ok, so its been a long time since I posted anything, since we've been so swamped with work and life. Today I pulled into the yard to pick up DJ to take him to the high school so he could get registered for school (only for about 6-7 days of classes before he goes back to NM, but it will help him be not as far behind when he gets home). Anyway, I pull into the driveway and my neighbors Ron and Lydia (Ron just got out of the army and they just moved back here) have some of their extra furniture for sale out in our neighbors front yard. Its was the most beautiful dark brown leather sofa and chair. I know Lydia's style, so I knew they would be great quality, and they are! I got them for a great deal, its a $2200 set new, and I got it for $200 and 4 boat launches. I'm pretty excited. I've been wanting a new sofa that was of a fabric that was more durable and easier to clean, and have been wanting a leather sofa, without having to pay the leather price. YAY! So here's our new sofa and chair.

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