Friday, January 8, 2010

Dad's new (ish) chair

Mom got a new chair, that will help her get up and down more, given to her from her insurance company. So dad decided to trade up from his old broken chair, to mom's "old" chair. Mom's been trying to get him a new chair for years, and he wouldn't even consider it, but then the other day he decided that when she got her new chair, he would trade for the chair she was sitting in. So, now he's got a newish new chair. And its a recliner and a half, so there's even room for a puppy to sit with him. And it didnt' take 2 very long to figure that out. I think he'd been sitting in the new chair trying it out for about 20 seconds before she jumped up there and sat down on the empty side. She was so cute. Mya wanted to get up too, but she didn't want to jump up, so she just leaned over the arm of the chair. Such funny dogs!

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