Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Mya LOVES lincoln logs, not sure what it is about them, but she loves them! :)
Never far from the lincoln logs :)

Cinnamon rolls I made using the recipe from Disneyland. Would have been perfect if I had given them more room in the pan so they could spread out. But the flavor was good, even if they were too gooey.

What one of the blocks in my new quilt will look like. I got the fabrics with the gift certificate Justin gave me for my birthday a while ago

Sewing its first fabric strips

My pretty new machine!

deep sea fish Justin, dad, Mike, and Robin caught when they went out around the point in September. Poor Justin got SO sick, I think its because of all the head injuries, he can't ride amusement park rides because of the way they move, and I think being out on the rough water simulated that and made him sick. He was sick for days.....

I wanted to put a bunch of pictures up tonight, but my computer is being goofy, so we'll see how much patience I have. Might just get a few pictures, but hey, that's better than none right? :)

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