Thursday, November 25, 2010

a lovely mess

Look, you can see my toe prints!

We've had some well troubles lately (as in water well), and last night it almost completely crapped out, so Justin wanted to go under the house today to fix it (he had to install a new check valve to stop the water leaking out of the house and back into the well, to prevent the well pump getting burned out). So I went into the store room to turn off the power to the well. I saw a bag of flour had fallen onto the floor/onto a box of laundry soap. I lifted the bag, and out poured the flour. Apparently the paper sack was totally destroyed when it landed on the sharp corner of the laundry soap. 25 pounds of flour. That's a lot of flour in case you were wondering. Took two pails of shoveled flour, and being vacuumed twice to get it all up. I didn't take a picture of the foot prints all over the house in flour (because I couldn't clean it up right away because we were in the middle of a plumbing project, so I ended up tracking it all over the house). Or a picture of the flour flying everywhere when I dumped the pails into the trash. I also didn't take a picture of an hour later when I was watering the goose and the bucket sloshed and filled my shoe with water. It was an interesting hour.


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