Sunday, November 21, 2010


There really isn't a lot to report, but I guess lots of blogs start that way. Looking forward to Thanksgiving this week, and making lots of fun treats. I don't really even want to eat any of them, I'm just looking forward to cooking them and trying new stuff. I'm thinking - blueberry cranberry pie. Sounds very interesting. Also got some good looking granny smith apples to make an apple pie. I think I will try to cook the filling on the stove first, then fill the crust. Dad always complains about regular apple pie, and likes Mrs. Smiths better because the apples get double cooked. So I will try it this week, and see how it goes. Apple pie is always good though. :)

Its been very cold lately, especially for what we've had here the last few years. I wish we had more snow, that would be really nice. At least the ground is getting good and frozen so when Justin wants to go snow machining, they will have a good "base" to go on. :) I actually am looking forward to riding in the little cart thing he built to pull behind the sled. He built it for me because I'm a chicken, and am afraid to ride by myself. :) But I'm okay with that. So for now, we've got the cart, which I've never gotten to ride in, we never had enough snow last year to use it. Come on SNOW!!!

We've started working on little December projects, spent some time at Lowe's yesterday doing some research and looking at things to make and do. I was looking for some discount carpet they'd had there last week, but it was gone, which was very disappointing. It was nice carpet at a good price, so I could afford to do the floor down here which is not looking to good. But alas, it was not to be. Hopefully sometime soon though. We stopped by fred meyer last night to get a couple things, and I was incredibly glad that mom and I had done our holiday meal shopping for the next few weeks before the rush. It was a madhouse in Fred Meyer, totally nuts. Glad I only needed about 5 things. Oh, plus I get to brag, for those who didn't see on facebook - I saved $200 with coupons at the grocery store last week. Totally incredible, I was very proud of myself. Organized my list and my coupons to the order of things in the store so that I remembered to use the coupons and the list, and it was all very efficient.

Justin got his last wisdom tooth out last week. he's been pretty miserable with the pain from them, and so it was good to get the last one out. Its been pretty painful too, and healing slowly, but got him some antibiotics and I think its healing better now. Also got his blood pressure refilled, so maybe his BP will come down now. That would be good.

We're both trying to come up with ways to improve our health. We're thinking about joining a local health club. I'm voting for a machine we could have at the house, because I'm embarrassed to work out in public. But I think the club membership would be good too - more variety and such. We definitely need to do something though. We want to be healthier. I'm working at eating smaller portions and drinking lots more water. I took a class at church a couple years ago, and I wish I remembered more of it, but I don't. What I do remember though is to drink an 8 ounce glass of water before dinner, and eat slower, because then you eat less, but you feel full because the body actually has time to get full, and relay to the brain to stop before we get over-full. So anyway, that's where I'm starting at.

We're also going to take the next steps to starting our family. We have an appointment with an infertility specialist next month in Soldotna. He's supposed to be the best around and comes very highly recommended. We've known since I was about 15 or 16 that I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome, and that it would take extra efforts to have children. Now its time to start those. Hopefully we'll see some results soon. We are really looking forward to expanding our family of 2 to include some little ones. Or tricycle motors as Justin calls them. I call them curtain climbers. :)

We lost our dear great-grandma last week. She was 97 and a half, and a wonderful example of a strong, Christ-like woman. Our neighbor is also very ill, which is very sad too. Its been a very emotional couple of weeks for our family, but we're plugging along, and taking comfort where we can. We know that grandma is so much happier now - she was ready to go home and be with her other family that she's been missing for many years. We miss her of course, but know we'll see her again.

I guess that's everything, except Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone reading this has a wonderful, safe, and happy holiday. :)


Anonymous said...

I have also heard that it takes fifteen minutes for the stomach to register that has food in it and could be full so it was recommended to eat what I have on my plate then wait for a little bit.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear about you and Justin.I wish I could be near but it just isn't so.HAPPY THANKS GIVING. i HAVE THREE EVENTS PLANNED. WON"T MISS OUT ON THE PUMPKIN PIE EITHER. LOVE MUCH GRANDMA MARILYN

Anonymous said...

heres hoping you get lots of snow so you can post lots of pretty pics!

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