Thursday, March 27, 2008


We went to the Orthopaedic surgeon on tuesday, to see what is going on with Justin's ankle. He still can't walk without extreme pain, can't work, etc. So since homer doctors didnt' have anything to offer us, we decided to go to Soldotna to an ortho guy that came really highly recommended. He looked at the x-rays we got in December when the accident happened, and he didn't look at them 30 seconds before he saw where it had broken and been damaged in the accident. So then he showed us, and it was right there as clear as can be. Then he took some more x-rays to see how that fracture had healed, and to see if anything else showed up.

There are 2 joints in the ankle, one that lets the foot flex up and down, and the other joint that lets the foot rotate side to side. The one that got damaged in the accident was the one that lets the foot go side to side. Its actually deeper in the ankle, and harder to treat. He said that we need to wait 3 more months, and if it's still not better, then we'll go back and he'll inject steroid and cortisone into the joint to let it relax and heal. Then he can tell by the way it responds to the shot how it was damaged and is healing. He was really on the ball, and was very helpful in letting us know what's going on. He also said that Justin did tear the ligaments in the ankle, but that they heal themselves, even though its very painful, they just heal themselves. He said his ankle is really badly damaged, but that we just have to give it time.

Then on wednesday we met with the director of the Small Business Administration to get some help with our business to build boats. He is really excited to help us, and thinks its the greatest idea and is going to be very successful. He has big plans for it, and thinks its going to go really far, farther even than we had planned. So that was really exciting, and encouraging.

Other than that we're just trucking along. Justin finished his big bowl, and today I need to get some pictures taken of it, and post it on the Etsy site. Its beautiful, it turned out really nice. Well, I better get going on doing my laundry (I HATE laundry, but oh well it has to be done). I actually used to do the laundry in the hopes that it would be DONE and I wouldn't have to do it anymore. Then I read this funny encouragement book, and it said, that I need to just get it in my head that the laundry will never be done, and to stop pushing myself to get it finished, because it will always be there, so that helped alleviate some of the laundry frustration, but I still don't like it. :)


Anonymous said...

Laundry sucks! So what happened to Justin's foot? I'm behind on the info apparently. How painful though! That's rough.
Good luck with the boat building!

Blake said...

Hope he feels better.

Anonymous said...

It's no longer an update when it's 3 weeks old!!!