Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day's like today

Day's like today are never fun. I had an eye appointment, which I have been waiting almost 3 months for (he's a good doctor, worth waiting for) and having major headaches every day because I need new glasses. So I knew that was going to be expensive, almost $500 for the glasses and appointment, like I said he's good. And I knew that Justin's truck was going to the truck doctor for new tires, and an alignment, and how much that was going to cost ($1480). Then they get the truck into the shop, and it doesn't just need tires and alignment, it needs another $1000 worth of work. Nice. Love that. So, before 3 pm this afternoon $3000, that I'm sure I don't need to say we didn't have, went away. I hate days like this. . . .


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

Okay - to be honest, I hear her new frames look just almost like Sarah Palin - so I don't know if the "headache" story is real, or just a ruse to get the latest rage in glasses. hahaha

(NO< it really isn't funny, her head has hurt for months. We just hope the new glasses fix it... Good news, he didn't find a tumor or anything like that, so I guess after worrying about that for 6 months, she deserves to look like a vice presidential candidate).

The truck is a major bummer. YIKES !!! Poor kids. Hate to ruin a perfectly fine sunshiny day with crummy news.

Hope the rest of the month is better ! ! And Justin did get the rest of the kitchen grouted, so that is cool.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hate that. And with the possible exceptions of house repairs and dental work, unexpected car repairs take the cake. They come in such big denominations. I mean, the mechanic never says, "oh, you need an extra $19 hose." He says "Oh, you need your transmission replaced" or "you have a cracked axle." ANd if you are unlikey, he says them both and adds in the $19 hose besides. . . On the other hand, you wouldn't want your vehicle to breakdown on the side of some deserted road some cold and windy night, , ,

Good luck, Sandra