Monday, September 29, 2008

Kind of sad really

Today was the day of harvest for about 1/3 of my potato plants, and it was really kind of sad. I gathered 2 buckets of plants, and a box of plants (see earlier posts) and I got enough red potatoes for a smallish batch of mashed potatoes. :( Sad. But very tasty. I think if I had had enough dirt, and a deeper container it would have worked better to grow them in containers. I still have a bunch of plant in plastic bags, which aren't quite ready to harvest. I expect more potatoes from them. But if we continue at the current harvest rate, we'll get 3 meals out of 3 months of growing. Did I mention the weather this summer was lame? but seriously- the potatoes do taste really good :D

On another note, I made an apple pie today, which always makes me happy. I haven't made one in years, but I hope it will be good. Granny smith apples were on sale, and I think they make the best pies. We'll see later though I guess!

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Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

the potatoes were yummy - really really yummy. I'm excited to know we can grow them that way and we will definitely start earlier next year and use more dirt. It was just sort of an experiment and we ran out of containers and dirt and summer.

We'll get them next year. We had to quit growing potatoes in the garden because someone in the state imported bad seed and gave us all blight and rust and it stays in the ground a long time.

We hope to avoid that by growing the potatoes in containers, always in virgin soil, and then if they do get blight - we can destroy it and not spread it to the garden.

Thanks to Justin's mom and her Relief society for teaching us potatoes in containers.