Friday, November 21, 2008

Off the net - sort of

I have noticed over the last few months that I have become increasingly addicted to checking blogs, facebook, myspace, and generally just being glued to the computer. And with that I've noticed my mood going down down down. So short story long, after getting very frustrated with the way I was feeling, I decided to do an experiment and kick myself off of blogs/facebook/myspace/etc. I allowed myself email, craigslist (we're always looking for goat stuff) and a minimum of news stories.

I have felt so much better. A lot of the issues and feelings that were bothering me are getting better, and I feel healthier. I checked my email/craigslist, then instead of sitting here clicking around on the net, I have to get off and go find something to do- and you know - I had so much fun doing stuff! I finished a couple of projects that I've been avoiding, I spent more time talking to people that are actually here instead of "cyber stalking" people and news stories. I went to visit people and had lovely visits with them. I almost finished a quilt, I did some organizing, I spent time with my family, played with the dog, worked on Etsy, went to town, went to Soldotna, and on and on. It was great.

I thought by the end of the week I would be itching and desperate to get back online, but the few times I have caved and checked blogs/facebook/etc. I felt the same feelings coming back, I was happy to see what was going on with people, but I was disappointed with myself for "cheating" on my self appointed rules. I don't mean in any way that I don't love the blogs, or any of that, I think they are wonderful ways for staying connected, but I've been just following people online instead of working to stay connected, and that's not good for me, I'm enough of a hermit as it is. :) So anyway, I think I will keep up with my reduced online presence. I'll check the blogs frequently, but not like 5 times a day "just in case someone posted something since I checked 2 minutes ago", and am really looking forward to the Christmas blog, and Top Chef blogging, and all that fun stuff. I love the pictures and seeing what everyone is up to, but I need to get off my hind end and get busy so I can get feeling better about myself, and life, and everything else that goes with it. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Great idea to cut down on the negative stuff that is all around us. I get stuck first on the email and then I go to Spider and set there hours.I wwatch much less news than i used to because it drags me down.I"m exercising s lot more and it helps to keep me more cheerful. Much love Grandma Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Good for you Alicia! I'm really having trouble disconnecting from my election obcessions, so I can really relate! I'll see you on the family christmas blog!
Love, Sandra