Thursday, November 13, 2008

Winter wanderings

Well, I don't really have anything to post about, but I noticed it had been a week since I posted, so thought I might as well ramble a bit.

Justin is home now for the winter, the company he worked for has shut down for the rest of the year, and until at least spring. So that will be interesting. He's working on making some more burl bowls right now for us to sell, and he's thinking about cutting and selling firewood to make some extra money. He's kind of stressed, but enjoying being home more I think. I know I love having him home. Money will be tight, but its nice to have him around more. We're with the groups of people worrying about losing our right to buy guns with the new administration, so we're trying to get what we need before he takes office, even though its not in the budget right now. I don't like the sound of presidential edicts to "get things done quickly" without having to involved legislators and such. So we'll see what happens.

Other than that, we're doing pretty good. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for the holidays, decorations and food wise. I want to try and make my own chocolate covered cherries. For some reason that sounds fun to me, plus its hard to get good ones at the store, so thought that might be fun. I'm pretty excited about Top Chef being back on - WOOHOO! I love that show. So that's something fun to look forward to each week. :)

We have a little skiff of snow, but not much. The ground is frozen, and its cold, but no snow really to speak of. Ok, well, I think that's all I have to say today. Hope everyone is doing good. :)


Anonymous said...

Alicia, Always glad to see you post. I just want to say, I can't even imagine a circumstance when Obama would do something that would result in your not having access to whatever guns you use/want. It's all a distortion by the fear-mongers, not actually part of his program. And there isn't any way he could just do that by executive order, and it would never actually make it through Congress that fast. I've been following the transition stuff pretyt closely, And I can't imagine its at the top of his agenda--there's a bunch more stuff that's way more important--to the country and to him.

So don't waste your money on stockpiling guns "just in case," It just won't happen, so you might as well spend the money on something that you WILL actually need now; you will be able to get more guns whenever it is you actually need them. That's my two cents, Love, Sandra

Anonymous said...

No fun doing seasonal work. Grandpa Art drove logging trucks and mud in the spring kept them out of the forrest , fires in the summer and then winter weather.
I haven't decided yet about Christmas. Not much place to decorate in my smalll room but I will do something.I decorate my door. I had Halloween and now I have made some cute thinkgs for
Thanksgiving. Love you guys! Grandma Marilyn

Denae said...

Man I wish we lived closer to you guys! Not only because you're so cool & we would love to laugh with you guys more, but you also have the BEST homemade stuff! We need more of that around here. Sadly I don't think we're moving to AK anytime soon. Or ever probably.

Rhien Family said...

Sorry to hear about the work situation. Justin, you are such a talented and hard worker, and good example.

Good luck with the christmas ideas, I love them all. You are always so creative.