Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas stuff

Kitty's present didn't get done, so he had to suffice with a sparkly bow tossed at him. He wasn't so impressed, but that could have been because Mya was SUPER excited to open presents - this dog really gets the whole present opening thing. She doesn't get that they aren't all for her, but she does enjoy the process.
Before the ribbon.
Here's 2 showing "grandpa" her new baby doll. Sewed from old jeans, and stuffed with an old shirt cut up into little pieces. very durable and safe, in case they somehow tear them. 2's baby has purple hair, and a purple ribbon.

Mya chilling with her baby doll, her's has pink hair and a pink bow.
2 was terrified by the sound of the paper crackling, something from her past of being abused, not sure what happened, but anyway, she tried to crawl under Justin to hide, until he could show her it was a present.
No, that's not Mya's present, that's MINE! She stole it, and kept trying to take it out of my pile, guess she decided that all the presents wrapped in snow man paper were hers...
Blurry I know, but it was a blur of activity while they were trying to open their presents. Like I said, Mya really likes unwrapping.
Here is the beautiful rocking chair Justin built for me. The wood is from birch trees that dad logged, and our neighbor Ron sawed into lumber, and Justin made into a rocker for me. Pretty cool!!
Here's the genealogy/computer desk dad commisioned and Justin built. On each side is a shelf that slides out. the one on the left is for the scanner, the right is for the printer. So cool!! Mom was floored, she loved it, and it was a total surprise, because I was the master of keeping secrets this Christmas - and usually I'm really lame at present secrets - you can ask anyone. I get too excited. but since it was a small Christmas it was very important to me that the element of surprise be there, so I worked really hard, and let me say I rocked! hehehe. Justin did such a great job of building this, its absolutely gorgeous!


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

You didn't just keep the secret - there were several times you outright LIED to your mother! ! ! But it was so worth it. Thank you guys.

And I don't think it was fair to say the cat's present didn't get done - it was withheld do to "cat-itude" problems. Nobody wanted to see a hopped up on dope, really grouchy, cat tearing through the present opening. Now that it has warmed up and his faith in life has been renewed, he could probably have it for a couple days. :)

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

His present is a little fish out of the same fabrics and filling as the dolls, with a touch of Matanuska catnip in it - the finest, most potent kind available.

Sandra said...

The woodworking is beautiful! Love, Sandra