Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My best quilt ever

I found this pattern in my quilting magazine last year, and took it down to the store to find fabrics, and found these four, one is a cream with white print, the other is a darker cream with red flowers, and cinnamon red with dark cream flowers, and a brighter/darker red with cream flowers, and I knew they had to be this quilt. I am so excited with how this turned out. The quilting is an all over pattern, in red, then the center cream squares are a free form flower that I just cranked out by eye to fit the space. The back is a really cool japanese, mum flower pattern, that is red and white. I can say absolutely this is the best I have ever done. I made a cool purple quilt last year that I did really good on, but there were a couple bobbles on the back. But I think there is only 1 tiny bobble on the back of this one, and the rest is perfect. I'm so proud of myself! :) Love this quilt. Its a super king size, larger than normal, so that it almost touches the floor on all four sides of the bed, so they can fight over it, and tuck and roll, and the other guy won't freeze. :) I used a cotton batting, with a little polyester, that is really warm and super soft. Anyway, I'm very happy with it, and mom and dad love it! It goes great with the creamy/red colors in their room, very warm and friendly looking.


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

It is true, this is the most perfect quilt. It is just beautiful.... The best piecing and quilting you have ever done and it was so sweet of you to make it larger to fit our needs. It is so soft and comfortable to sleep under. You probably can't even begin to know how much it means to me. Love you LOTS ! ! ! Thank you

Sandra said...

It is indeed beautiful! You go girl! Love, Sandra