Sunday, April 5, 2009


I got up the other morning and here was Justin asleep on the floor, a dog on each side for company. If anyone sits or lays on the floor they are right there to be with you. They love when we sit down there with them. Funny dogs.
Rolling up the tape measure after measuring out our beach space for the boat launch.

I got some good pictures of Justin this week, and thought I'd share them. Plus we got some good pictures of this cool ice thing that happens to Justin's truck. We've had it happen before, but we never have the camera with us. But lately we've been taking the camera with us all the time because of the volcano and wanting to take pictures of it. So we took some pictures of the ice thing. The ice builds up on days that its warm enough for water to thaw, but cold enough in the wind that it freezes again. We went to Soldotna and his truck ended up covered in these little ice things. They cover the whole truck, and they point towards the front of the truck, and they get an inch long at least usually. They're frozen hard in big sheets. Its pretty neat. the other thing, is an ice wheel thing that develops on the center spindle of the wheel. And makes a spinning ice amoeba thing. Very cool.

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