Monday, May 4, 2009

Yes indeed

Yes indeed we are alive, although you couldn't tell by our blog. We've been so swamped working on getting our business going. Justin's family got here the day after Easter, and we've been running non stop building bunk/office buildings, trying to get money organized (and located), finding machines, paying for machines, outfitting machines, clearing rocks off the beach, getting set up and all that. We opened on Friday May 1st. We launched 3 boats the first day. The second day we launched 13, third we launched 11. Today we didn't have any, there was a pretty good wind storm, so no one wanted to go out. That was okay though it was nice to have a day "off" even if it wasn't really a just do anything day. We did get a lot done, and it was nice to be able to have some say in what I was doing, instead of running headless chicken trying to keep up with everything all at once.

We've been having some fun getting everything going, even if its been a lot of work. It will be nice next year when we dont' have to do all this preliminary stuff, and when we'll have more time to be ready, instead of having 3 weeks to do 2 months worth of work. But we're having a good time. I've had some trouble because I don't do well on small amounts of sleep. When I don't sleep as much as I need to, or I get nervous in my sleep, then when I wake up I throw up, off and on for hours. Its no fun. So I've been trying to work through that, and not let that get me down. I think I'm going to make some ginger snap cookies, and put them in little bags in the freezer, they really seem to calm my stomach. The spices keep everything working better. But that's a project for another day.

Justin, me, Justin's sister Talatha and her husband (Jerid) and kids (Cordell, Mariah and Wade) went to the movies tonight since we had the night off. They were showing the new Dreamworks cartoon "Monsters vs. Aliens". It wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but it was okay, and it was nice to be out and away from everything for a while.

We had the most BEAUTIFUL weather this weekend, I got sunburned, and even started to tan. The water was flat calm, and the mountains were out. We saw a sea lion eating fish in the water right out in front of our beach. There were tons of migrating sea birds, and geese, ducks, etc. Its a really really beautiful place to be 'living" for the summer.

Our goats are about ready to give birth. Gretta has about 10 days or so left. She's so big and fat we feel bad for her, she's not really loving life right now. We're pretty sure she'll have at least 3 hopefully 4. Then Gabby is due at the end of the month, she might have 2, that would be good for her first time, but she might just be having 1. We'll just have to wait and see. They're pretty funny though. Our chickens are being WAY lazy. Out of 35 chickens, we're getting about 10 eggs a day. I'm about ready to kill them all. I keep telling them that either they lay eggs and make food, or we butcher them and THEY are the food. But they just don't get it. Hopefully they will pick up soon. If not we'll be out of the egg business soon. Can't afford to keep feeding them just for nothing.

I guess that's about all the update we have. We're just running around crazy, but we're hopefully getting set up so that we can get out of debt, that's our major goal. here's hoping (and praying really hard) it works! Love you all.

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Twizzlers mom said...

Two things, first I am working out at the ARI resturant, so you should come and see me either on saturday night or sunday night.
Second, the last time that I had ginger snaps and couldn't sleep, and was irritatable, I ended up with a bundle of joy named sam. The time before that I ended up with two. Just saying! (totally teasing ya!)