Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I read this story, shortly after dad and I planted the broccolli plants for the year. It said that if you want enough broccolli for a family of four, to eat fresh in the summer, you need to plant 4-6 plants; if you want broccolli for the family to last all summer, and to put away for the winter, you need 10-12 plants. And I thought, hmmm, this could be a problem, since we planted 142 broccolli plants. We eat a LOT of broccolli, and its something we all enjoy a lot. So here's one of our broccolli harvests. Not the only one of course, but it was the largest, and the last big harvest. We enjoyed some fresh, and some really great fresh broccolli salad (fresh broccolli flowers with a tangy vinegar/mayo dressing). We put probably 50-60 quart bags in the freezer. Lots of broccolli to get through the year. Oh,and we kept a lot of the stocks for making broccolli cheese soup, which we had a couple of weeks ago and it was AWESOME! :)


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

yeah - when you haven't had a garden for a year and you didn't get a broccoli crop the year before because it never made broccles.... and you are standing in a lovely new garden store you've never been in before, 2 flats of broccoli starts doesn't seem like that many. And when you are standing up on the deck looking into the garden, 2 flats of broccoli doesn't seem like that many. But when Dad and DJ kept bringing up buckets and buckets and buckets of the stuff, 144 plants did seem excessive - but OH SO YUMMY.

Rhien Family said...

WHOAH broccoli!!!

That's awesome. We wish our garden had thrived at all... but it didn't.

I don't have a green thumb.