Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The rest of the trip

Ok, this is just a neat old building. Unfortunately, either right before this or right after this, I can't remember, I ran over a bunny. It was really sad, I've never even run over a squirrel before, and I squished a bunny. I was very upset, but not much I could do about it. :)
Vernal temple
Waiting in line at the Taco Bell drive through in Vernal. It was seriously the SLOWEST drive through I have ever been in.
In the convention center, in the area where they show all 12 of the original Book of Mormon paintings, the first time they have ever been displayed together as a collection. They are really impressive, much more detail than you can see in the miniaturized versions.
Cute meeting house in Silverton
I'm fascinated by old mining equipment and mining areas, so it was really cool to be able to drive through the pass between Durango, Silverton, and Grand Junction, and get to see all the old mining stuff. I took pictures of a couple of sings that talk about how much material was mined and sold from there. It was really interesting. Justin's very insterested in mining too, so that was fun to talk about and share.

It was really cold up there, on the north side of the mountain, heading down into Silverton.
I don't remember where this was, but it was pretty. :)

Well, that wraps up our pictures from the trip. Well, the ones that are worth sharing anyway. I already posted the Christmas lights on the family christmas blog, and the rest are scenery and repeats. We had a really great trip.

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The Rhiens said...

I didn't realize that you went to Durango, Silverton, etc. when you left here. What a beautiful drive. You guys covered a lot of territory on your trip. How fun!

I think it especially cool that you got to see so many temples. Did you miss the Ogden Temple, or just not post a pic of it? Scott says you can count it anyway, since it looks just like the Provo Temple. :)

Love, Earlene, Scott and Julia