Tuesday, January 8, 2008


After we visited Justin's mom and dad, we stopped by Earlene & Scott's again to see Joanna and her family, and Jed's family again, then we hopped in the car, and just drove. We ended up going towards Silverton, and Durango. It was a beautiful drive, there wasn't very much snow, but I think they got a lot of snow not long after we were there. It was really pretty, and we had a nice fun drive. After we went to Silverton, and drove out of the mountains we went to Grand Junction, then drove up and came back into Utah through Vernal (so we could get another temple picture for our collection). It was just really fun to see some country that I've never seen before, and we even found a few roads Justin hadn't been on yet, so that was fun for him too.

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Grandma Marilyn said...

Thanks for the beautiful montains of Colorado. i lived there twelve years and miss tthe montains and durango and silverton a lot. Love Grandma Marilyn