Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yep, we did...

...get goats that is. We've talked about it off and on for a while now, and we finally just went ahead and did it yesterday. We've been worried about what we would do for milk, if things got really weird in the world, or if it just got too expensive. So, since its hard to find good milk cows up here, we decided to get goats. Goats should be able to do really well with the land that we have here. That's the hope anyway. We got 2 goats. A mama and a doeling. Unfortunately the baby isn't from this mama, so they've both been a little upset since we brought them home. Hopefully they will adjust soon. They're really pretty, the baby is white with a brown spot on her shoulder, and the mom is kind of tawny/white speckled. Justin had goats a lot growing up, although I never did, so he knows what he's doing. tomorrow we have to get to work on building a permanent barn for them, and a milking stand. This morning she stepped in the milk pail and ruined it all! So, we'll be doing that tomorrow.

Justin also has been building an enhanced (larger) chicken coop for all our 40 chick and 2 turkeys. Yesterday was their first turn in the house too. They were a little cold at first, but when we got them lights in the right spots they did better. Justin has been working SO hard the last week to get all this ready, now he has to build a goat barn. Poor guy, he's really tired. I'll try and get some chick pictures today or tomorrow to share. They're growing so quickly. Last night, Justin went to check on them before bed one turkey was laying down (the turkeys are older and bigger) and the turkey had a chicken curled up in the middle of its back. And the other turkey was standing, and had a group of chickens huddled underneath it, trying to stay warm. And we were worried they wouldn't get along..... :)

Oh, I almost forgot. The mama goat is Gretta, and the baby is Gabby. To make naming easier when we have baby goats, we're going to name them after the desperate housewives or desperate housegoats that is (mom's idea), which I think is really funny.


Anonymous said...

Wow, goats! I am relaly jealous, I have wanted to have goats for thirty years. What will you feed them in the winter? And where will you find a billy goat to have more goats? And
how will you keep up with daily milking? Amazing.

Goodluck! Love you, Sandra

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

So, nobody tell Eva Longoria that we named a goat after her character - her full name is Gabby Soleis. heheheh She really is quite delicate and dainty and sweet like Gabby. Desperate housegoats. I love it.

There are quite a few billy goats around to breed them with, so that isn't a problem. we will all take turns milking when we need to. The people we bought them from let the babies nurse at night so they only milked once a day, but since Gretta won't let Gabby nurse, we will milk. Plus we can use the extra milk for all our experiments.

We are going to make yogurt first. It is the easiest. Charlotte

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the goats. Quite ambitious of you. So do they take care of the lawn for you too? And I like the naming them idea. Who's next? Bree?? I think she'd be a good goat.
Have you tried the milk yet? I milked a goat once. It wasn't easy. But I think I recall not being UTTERLY impressed with the milk.

The Rhiens said...

Where will they live when the blizzards and winds come in the winter? You guys are so ambitious this spring. I'm impressed. It will be interesting to see it all unfold.

Love, Earlene