Saturday, May 31, 2008

I love this next picture of Mya - she's so funny.
I have been wanting some pictures of Gabby to use in our etsy advertising and thank you cards, so while I was out taking pictures of the fish, I took some pics of Gabby. I think they turned out cute.

I experimented with making cheese this week, which was pretty cool. I made some soft cheese (I can't find the pictures of it, I must have them on the other camera - we have 2 cameras, one that is mom and dad's and one that is Justin and I's, but they are exactly the same, except ours has the shoulder strap, so it gets confusing - which camera was I using??), which was a basic white cheese, and it turned out pretty good, it needed a little more salt, but it's good! We've enjoyed snacking on it. Its definitely something I would make again. The other cheese I made was a "Chevre" or "fromage blanc" but it didn't turn into cheese so much as it did REALLY good sour cream. The whey didn't seperate very good while it was hanging, so we just mixed it in really well, salted it, and saved it for sour cream. Its good! I put part of the recipe into molds though to make chevre, which is supposed to be a cream cheese like spread made from goats milk. It isn't done yet, so I don't know how it is. (If you hang the mixture it is fromage blanc, or "bag cheese", but if you put it in molds and let it drain it is chevre). It's fun, I can't wait to experiment with more of this stuff. Plus its SO great to be able to eat dairy again, and not get so sick. I haven't been able to have butter, milk, sour cream, cream cheese, etc. without getting so sick. The goat milk is wonderful!


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

Gabby is so funny - she always tips her head to the side when she looks at you. I just never realize how much of our food is dairy until we started making it ourselves. Now if we can find a good source of hay, we are set. We appreciate all the hard work Alicia and Justin do to take care of them. Charlotte

The Rhiens said...

Oh, Gabby is so cute! I am amazed at all you guys are learning and doing to become self sufficient. Wow! It's lots of work, huh? I admire you for your efforts.


Joanna said...

You guys are awesome! I just told Cory to come in and see all that you guys are doing. I said, "And they're making goat cheese, goat sour cream, and goat yogurt."

Cory said, "Gives a whole new meaning to 'go-gurt' - doesn't it?"


Ted & Carole Whisler said...

Alica, I just want to know who milks the goat? Grandma W

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm. Yummy, yummy, yummy! Do you think it would keep in the mail to Stl!!?:) Just kidding.
Gabby is so cute. Are her ears always out like that?
And good question, who does milk the goats?