Monday, June 23, 2008


I thought I'd include some chicken pictures since I had my camera outside. They're getting big!!

Gretta has had a little trouble this week getting into stuff that she can't get out of. I guess she's been here long enough that she's getting comfortable enough to poke around. I was feeding the chickens the other day, and the bag was empty so I opened the chickens door, and tossed the bag out into yard, where Gretta is, pulled the door closed and finished feeding the chix. When I opened the door, this is what I saw....
It was so funny I had to go get my camera. She pushed it around the yard licking the inside until she got everything she thought was good out of it. Then it got stuck and she was walking around the yard backwards bawling trying to get it off.
Then she wanted to check out the camera and see if it was edible.
Then the next day at 3 I went out and watered and fed her before I went to town. Then when Justin came home at 7 we went out to milk, and feed everyone. And this is what we saw....
No that's not her pen, that's the chicken yard that runs parallel to her pen. She likes to lean on it and scratch her sides. She leans as hard against it as she can, then slowly walks along scratching and stretching. But the chicken wire isn't strong enough for her weight, so its slowly tearing, and I guess it tore all the way the other day, because as near as we can tell she leaned up against it, it tore, and she fell into the chicken yard, and couldn't get out.
So Justin had to let her out. She sure was glad to see him!


Anonymous said...

Ilove the goat capades.I remember when goats ate my miothers garden and she was so mad. They were tetthered out to "cut " the lawn but got away and ate the garden row by row,. Love g Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Those chickens are huge!!! They kind of scare me a little.
Gretta's quite the funny goat. I like her goat capades. She's got a bit of a curious streak it seems. It makes me laugh.