Thursday, December 6, 2007

Here's some more pictures from our trip. These first ones are from a portion of the ladder ranch, it was the old saloon, hotel, and livery type place. We went over here one day to feed some mules that are being housed on the property.

Just some of the land on the ranch.
Part of the saloon/hotel thing.
Here's the door of the hotel, it says rooms 50 cents. I thought that was pretty cool.

Here's my and Alli. She's a total sweetheart. Jed was trying to get pictures of us together, but she's got a lot of energy and was hard to pin down. It was really fun. She's great. Right after this she started riding her "pony" that was purple and names "Him". It was pretty funny.

Part of the drive to Truth or Consequences.
Just a cool part of the road.

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