Thursday, December 6, 2007

Its blurry, but it was such a cool picture, even blurry.
Mom with her new Christmas cocoa mugs
Here's the cool gift we got for Christmas, it was a movie, a popcorn/candy pack, and a blue blanket.
I retook the pic of Justin and his dad
Me and Justin posing for the camera.
Here's Justin's dad, Earl.
His mom - Ruthie
yours truly, sans make-up, Talatha (Justin's youngest sister is in the background)
Father and son naptime, each has a dog in their lap too. It was so funny.
here's a close up of Justin napping

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The Rhiens said...

You added this blog link while our computers were down as we were switching from one to another. So, I didn't find it until today. It is fun to see pictures from your trip.

I am so glad that your trip brought us down our way.

I love all the pictures of the temples. How fun!