Thursday, December 6, 2007

Here's a house carved into the canyon rock wall, on the way out of Justin's mom and dad's house. its actually on the national historic register.
Here's a bunch of wild turkeys that we saw on the way out of their house friday. There was about 20-30 of them. We didnt' get to see the Tom, but we saw a bunch of hens.

Talatha and her kids Mariah, Wade, and Cordell.
All of us together right before we all left for town.
Here's the rock house again.


Anonymous said...

Hey ! I love theis house. I would love to llive there. i can even see the flowers and cacti I would have growing around it. Even dreaming up a watering system etc. Oh! Well I can dream witout it costing anything. The spot just touched me. Thanks gMarilyn

Todd said...

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