Tuesday, December 9, 2008


OK, maybe EEEEEE is a little excessive, but its close. Justin and I agreed this fall, well 2 weeks ago really, to run a local business this winter. Its for winter recreation, called Extreme Tubing. Basically its a hill, on the side of a small mountain, and its groomed to have like 5 "lanes" of snow, and we have innertube type things (only with solid bottoms) that people use to sled down the hill at a high rate of speed. Sorry, I'm not really good at explaining it. Its just extreme tubing. We're getting ready to open, since obviously it can't open unless there's snow. Although Bill, the guy we're running it for, is thinking about buying a snowmaker so we can have snow anytime and be open sooner and later in the year.

Bill recently got married, and moved full time to Seattle, but he's spent a couple years growing this business and didn't want to just throw it away. So we needed work, he needed his business managed.....and so here we are. Justin has spent the last week and a half getting the machinery fixed up, the hill groomed, the new counter built, tubes aired up......and on and on. I'm going to be helping more the end of the week, getting the candy/hot cocoa/soup cups, etc and office organized. Then I plan to be there most of the shifts to check people in and sell candy bars and such. Should keep us really busy for about half the week. We're planning to be open Friday evening, Saturday afternoon/evening, and sunday afternoon and evening. We didn't really want to be open on Sunday, we don't usually work on Sunday, but the ox is in the mire as they say, so we just have to do it. We won't open until 1 so at least we can go to Sacrament meeting, so that will be nice. Oh, check out the website, well, the old website we haven't updated it yet, but you can see what we're doing sort of. its http://www.extremetubing.com/

We're also going to be applying for a contract in January that will hopefully give us a good business/income for the next 2-7 years or longer if we do a good job. I don't want to put details on, just in case, but its going to be an intense bidding process and application time for us! Very intense. We have 2 people though that have agreed to help us with it, and with getting the machinery we will need, so that helps a tremendous amount. But there are a lot of details to work through, and its going to be hard.

Other than that, we're still getting ready for Christmas, today we got out the nativities, and made room for the tree. I think tomorrow we'll do the tree, unless we go shopping in Soldotna anyway. Then Saturday is a big Christmas open house at the church, and we're helping with that in all different shifts, plus if we get enough snow this week, then we'll open the tubing hill on saturday too for a "free ride" then open for pay on Sunday. SO MANY projects going on right now, its kind of overwhelming, but I hope we can keep everything together and all of our irons in the right fires.


Anonymous said...

Yikes. Sounds like a lot. I like the image of irons in the fire better than the one I usually use, keeping plates spinning in the air.
If you leave the iron in the fire too long, no ultimate harm done; you can cool it off and go forward.
Whereas if you drop the plate, it crashes and breaks. . .

Anyway, good luck to you! Much love, Sandra

Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

that looks like a lot of fun.
We'll pray that it can be a successful endeavor for you!