Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yay new floor!

Here's Justin taking out the extra beams. Well, maybe not so much "extra" as moveable. We had such a small living room because of the beams, and them being right in the middle of the room. So dad and Justin figured out how to strap them, and bolt them, so that we could move them, and use one instead of 3 and actually be more structurally sound. Pretty cool really. So dad and Justin cut the plate, and got the bolts, then Justin did the remodeling. Gave us TONS more room, and we could totally rearrange the living room. We'd been stuck with the same configuration since we moved in, it was the only way to get everything into the room. Now we have so much space its amazing! We're loving it.

The tired old grey carpet.
In this picture above you can see how much of a footprint that beam, and old area where the stove used to be took up. Used a lot of our space up. But no more!

Sorry for the blurry picture, that's the floor guy scraping staples after he pulled the old carpet

Its so pretty all finished! The tile and the carpet go so beautifully together. It took us 10 years to figure out what we wanted, and to be able to afford it, but hey - it looks really good now!

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the Carlos Family said...

WOW! It all looks FABULOUS!!!!!