Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kind of sad

We took the goats over to the people we bought them from tonight, so that they can get bred. She'll keep them for a month, to make sure that it "takes" and they don't come into heat again. I think Justin is looking forward to them being gone, so he can sleep in a little, but I'm kind of sad. I like my goaty girls! I'm sadder about them being gone than I thought I would be. I mean, we get them back, but still, gonna miss the ladies!

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Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

Well, it is always hard when your "kids" grow up and become adults and have lives of their own. When they come home, Gabby will be an adult and she won't be the baby anymore. (KIDS - do you get it? hehehe baby goats are kids?? hehehe... okay, farm humor. sorry)

And heaven only knows what pregnancy will do to their personalities. I hope the bear doesn't get them while they are at the other farm. I'm glad, knock on wood, that we don't have bears on our farm.

Scruffy is a good hunter, but I'm not sure he can take down a brown bear.