Friday, March 20, 2009

Ah, to be sleepy

I don't really have a lot to say, but its 2:30 am and I don't have anything to do, and obviously can't sleep, so here I am. Things have been pretty up and down lately, with mom's surgery being cancelled, other family being sick, working the tubing hill (and accompanying difficulties - NO fun), having a church party tonight (or would that be last night since its technically friday now?), the weather is hot then cold then hot then cold, waiting for the contract to go through, waiting to fall asleep, dogs being funny, and just all that usual life stuff. There was an article about us in the Homer News, that was pretty cool, although the article was really weird. The link is: and the story is in the business section about the new boat launch operator.

Justin and I got to see the end of a small ash/steam explosion from Redoubt coming home from work Sunday, that was pretty cool. We couldn't really tell for sure if it was ash or clouds, so when we got home we looked online, and it was at the tail end of a small eruption, so that was pretty neat. Not really sure what's going on with the volcano at this point. Sometimes it's busy and chugging away, and other times it just sits there.

Not much else to report. Mom's been trying to coordinate transferring her records and all the test results from Anchorage to back here at the local doctors. The Anchorage doctors wimped out on helping her, so after waiting a YEAR for them to take care of this, she decided (and everyone fully supports this) to mover her records back here and let the local surgeons/specialists do the work. So that will be good. I think she will recover much better if she can be close to home. Turns out that what they thought was cancer was a very large hernia. So hopefully that can be removed, along with the other stuff, and she'll be doing a lot better!

Well, now its really 2:30 so guess I'll stop for the night and try again to go to sleep. Anyone have any tips for sleeping? I'm tired, but as soon as I lay down I am WIDE awake, and that lasts (no matter what I do or don't do) until at least 1:30 usually 2 or 3 or later. Or I fall asleep by 1, and wake up at 3 and I'm awake for about an hour, then wake up every 1/2 hour from there. Then the phone starts ringing or Justin's alarms starts ringing by about 7:30. So tired......


Sandra said...

Sorry to hear you are having trouble sleeping, Alicia.

Here's what I've learned:
Don't think about money or work or have a conversation with your honey about anything hard for at least one hour before bedtime.
If I wake up and think about ANYTHING, I instantly try to cover the picture in my mind with a big black X and say "no thinking"
If I am hyperventilating about stuff a lot, I try to picture a big pirate treasure chest. I put all my worries and concerns in there and imagine slamming the top down and locking the trunk "until tomorrow morning."
Hot baths before bed help sometimes.
If I can't sleep I try to have a REALLY BORING book to read, so that after about half and hour I feel sleepy again.

The experts recommend a bunch of what they call "Sleep hygiene" with ideas like Don't do anything in your bed except sleep (no reading, no working, etc.). Make sure the room is completely dark. Use white noise if you need to. Go to bed at the same time every night. Hot milk before sleeping. Etc Etc Etc
Good luck! Love you, Sandra

Anonymous said...
That's karen's and the Lamb's Blogs. I don't know anyone elses. And as for the sleeping prob, just have kids, and then you will have a reason for the sleepless nights, or you will be wishing for a full nights sleep let me tell ya. I have never had the problem of not sleeping, especially since I have always either had kids or have had a noc job.