Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hi everyone just wanted to let you know that the volcano blew again this morning, and the ash is headed our way. We could get anywhere from a trace amount to and 1/8th of an inch or better. Justin and I just got done moving everything under cover, and putting all the animals inside, even grouchy heathcliff (the chickens weren't a huge fan of him being locked in with them I can tell you!). Now we just wait. We will probably have to turn off computers and cover them, so we'll be off until this stuff settles out (probably anyway). Anyway, we'll be fine, just wanted to let you know. We should keep power and phones, unless something weird happens. In which case we'll still be fine, we'll just be incommunicado (is that how you spell that? is it even a word, or one of those movie words?). Anyway, love you all. Go here if you want to read about what the volcano is doing. They update hourly or so.

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