Monday, March 23, 2009

Funny comment

The Anchorage Daily News has this feature where at the end of the story people can log in and post comments about the news. And usually the comments are pretty dim witted. Like yesterday everyone was talking about the volcano erupting, and how if the volcano observatory wouldn't turn off the webcameras at night we would be having a great video of the volcano erupting. And a bunch of other people wrote in and said, um hello they didn't turn it off, its NIGHT, its DARK. So tonight I went onto and read the most recent story about the volcano, and there was a hilarious comment, and I just had to share it.

The first guy said: I am worried about the ash falling and melting the snow too soon and creating ash holes. The sun will warm these ash deposits more rapidly and soon we will have alot of ash holes throughout the Anchorage area.

The second guy said: I hear ya, i have an Ash Hole right next door, he keeps blowing snow in my driveway :)

Just made me laugh, and thought I'd share.


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

I just hope we don't get any ash fall down here. We don't want to have a bunch of ash holes around our neighborhood. hehehehehe

The Atkinsons said...


Anonymous said...

How Funny. Some of the ash must have got blown here because we have quite a few ash holes here.
Love Grandma Marilyn