Thursday, March 5, 2009

Queen of the clean closet

Yeehaw! I am master of my closet and all powerful. or maybe not, but I'm still master of my closet. I've so been dreading working on cleaning the closet, like 2years dreading, but for some reason I went downstairs and decided that today was the day. Our closet used to be the place we stored all our food storage, then we moved that into another room, and turned that into Justin and I's closet, and other than taking the food out, I've not done anything to it, or taken anything else out of it. I just keep piling, and pushing, and stacking, then restacking after it collapses - you get the idea. So anyway, mom's reading a book that she's really into, so I thought, well I'll go downstairs and clean up something. I walked past the closet and thought, oh my gosh I can't take it anymore, reached in and started yanking stuff out and throwing it into the living room. And I just kept pulling and pulling until I was all the way back into the corner under the stairs. Somewhere along the way I got 2 pieces of glass in my feet (one in each foot). The one I just pulled out, the other Justin had to "surgically" remove (YOW!). So anyway, once I got it all out, then I started putting back in what was going to be allowed to stay. Everything else either found a new home, or went to the dump!! I'm really getting into throwing stuff away, it feels so good, so much better than keeping it thinking - well someday I might need it. . . . .

Now I have 2 loads of laundry to do, and then the closet project is done. Sweet! I could take pictures, but its still not an attractive closet, its just a functional one. I should have done a before picture, but honestly it would have just been embarrassing. Next fall, if all goes as planned, I will go to Home Depot and get the white plastic covered shelving, and the stuff to make drawers, sheetrock, lights, so on and so forth, and make it a pretty closet. But for now I can go in there, get what I want, and not feel the need to pull my hair out or choke someone. YAY for small victories. hehe

Justin and I are on pins and needles this week, we're supposed to find out tomorrow if we got the permit for the boat launch here in Anchor Point. The bidding closed last friday, and when Justin delivered our bid, the manager said that we should know by the end of this week. Every day we get a little more nervous. I'll post when we find out, but for now, we're frantically praying and hoping we get it. Our friend Bill and his wife MaryLou agreed to finance our machines, so we will be able to buy the skidders that we need, and then we'll basically use up all our credit to get the other things we need (hoping that its enough). Scary, but a really good opportunity for us.

I guess that's about all I've got. Hope you're all doing good! :)

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Anonymous said...

God bless your plans and efforts. I am sure it is scary but so is anything worth doing. Keep the faith . Love to you both Lov grandma Marilyn