Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Little Texas

I was sitting at work on the tubing hill about a week ago, or a little more, and in the background I heard on the radio - "I'll take the fifth caller right now for tickets to the Little Texas concert - fifth caller right now" So I grabbed the phone and started dialing. First ring I was the third caller, I hung up really fast, redialed, and he said "Hi you're caller number 5!" WOOHOO!! I won a pair of tickets, with preferred seating up front, and a first place in line for the autographs. YAY! Totally fun stuff. It took a little finagling (spelling?) to get the details worked out so we could go, and in the end we had to close the tubing hill for the night, but it was totally worth it. So cool! It was their first concert on their 20th anniversary tour. They were great. It was really loud, too loud for the space, but with earplugs it was perfect. Four of the original members are still there, so that was neat. The other guy, who was pretty cute, is part of another band that just got the deal to open with Kenny Chesney this year on his tour. He was fun.

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