Friday, January 16, 2009


Found my sourdough jar pics, so here they are!

Oops, I forgot I took pictures of the roasting chickens in the middle of bread making. This chicken is SO good. If you want the recipe its on and look up Beer Can Chicken. Its the recipe by Guy Fieri I think its called big buds beer can chicken, but we don't use beer we use seltzer water or sparkling water of some sort. I think we even used 7-up once. Works great. Really really good chicken. My first sourdough bread. Short as usual. Hopefully today's bread turns out taller.

Making my own flour!

I wanted to add the pictures of my sourdough pot, but those are on the other camera, on the other computer. SIGH. But anyway, at least here's a few pictures of what we've been doing. :)


Sandra said...

So I am impressed you are tackling sourdough. Of course, we live in great sourdough country here but I found it was too finicky--the weather was too cold or too hot or too humid or not humid enough or or or. Good luck!

Does the fresh ground flour taste different than already ground whole wheat flour?

And did you stand the chicken up on those racks that fit inside the chicken? I've seen those in the catalog but always wondered how they roasted.

Love you much, Sandra

Alicia & Justin Clark said...

I bought some racks that hold the can, and keep the chicken from tipping over, and we tried to use them the other day, but first they wouldn't fit in the roasting pan, so we had to use a big square cake pan from my wedding cake, then they were too tall to go in the oven, so we went back to just the chickens stuck on the cans, set in the roasting pans. I've found that if you position their legs just right, they don't tip over in the pan.

There are some nutrients in the wheat that decompose over time, so the older the wheat flour is the harder it is to get it to do what you want, and the less nutritous it is. Fresh gound has a nice wheaty/nutty flavor, and it works better. A lot of bread cookbooks that I've looked at say if you want a good loaf of wheat bread grind your own, or go to a store where you grind it before you take it home. So far I have yet to prove that as truth, but I'm trying to learn. I can't get boughten wheat flour to work either, hehehe.

The Atkinsons said...

Hi Alicia, Thanks for leaving a comment. I LOVE your blog and lost the address when I reformatted my computer. So now I've added it to my list. Also, thanks for your concern about my dad. We pray for him and I know he will be okay.
Oh, and I'm going to try that chicken recipe. Sounds delicious and I'm always looking for new ones.