Sunday, January 25, 2009

No pictures

I guess I don't have any pictures on this computer to post. I thought I must have something that would be interesting to look at, but I have already posted all the pictures that I have on this laptop (the one for the business), and I still haven't taken a picture of Anna, the new dog, or as we call her "2". Anna and Mya were too similar, so when they were in trouble and I was trying to straighten them out, I kept just ending up yelling DOGS! STOP! or YOU! QUIT! so now we call her 2, so we can keep them straight when they are in trouble. or at least a little bit.

Anna isn't used to being taught, or talked to really, so she's learning, and we're trying to enrich her vocabulary. Mya has a huge vocabulary, probably more than any dog I've ever had, like we can tell her that if she wants to go outside, she needs to stretch, and if she wants out she will stand up and stretch, but if she doesn't, then she just looks away or goes back to sleep. Now Anna is learning that when you ask her if she wants to go outside, sometimes she stretches. So she's learning. She's a smart dog. She was mal-nourished as a baby dog, so she's not as big as she should be, which is a bummer, I've always wanted one of thos gigantic labs, and that's what she would have been if she had been fed right. She's still growing a little, but she's got lots of extra skin, and big paws still, but her ribs are filling in a little bit.

Tomorrow we have an audit for the insurance company. Mostly its just making sure we're keeping the paperwork in order for the tubing hill. Not much to show since we've been closed for 2 weeks. We're still way short on snow. We went up and checked after church, and there just isn't enough. We need four more inches. So if you have the inclination - we could use all the snow prayers or well wishes that you want to send. For those who live locally, and don't want snow, its okay if you just want to send the snow to Ohlson Mountain Road. :D

Justin's pretty antsy without having snow. It means he can't work, or play, so he's getting pretty tired of just hanging around. I'm trying to get more organized. Mom and I decided to move the sewing room from the tiny extra bedroom (the smallest bedroom in the houes) into my old bedroom, which was the 2nd biggest in the house. We'd been using my old room as a guest room for all 3 weeks a year that we have company, and for storage. So we decided that we need a project to keep us busy for a few weeks, and so we're repainting, at least I'm repainting, the room, and then we're going to switch everything around. Should solve a lot of problems for us on where to put stuff. We've been having trouble storing everything while still having access to it. So this will be better. Plus it keeps us busy. I'll try and post pictures as we get them.

I guess this is turning out to be a long post. We got a new program when mom and dad got their new computer, Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, and I was trying to use it today, but holy cow! Its really hard to just jump into. I'm going to have to get some books, or a movie or something to learn how to do it. if anyone knows a good learning thing for it, let me know. I was going to try and take a college class for it, but they only have a web based class for it here, and I thuoght well, if its going to be web based, I might as well learn it myself, since that's what I'd have to do anyway. So we'll see.

Well, guess I'll be quiet now. Hope you're all doing good, staying warm, etc.


Blake said...

We got about 3 inches of snow over the weekend. I'd send your way if I could.

Ellis Family said...

You're in our prayers as far as snow goes.

There are lots of great tutorials for digital scrapping out there - so I'm sure you could teach yourself. Here's a great website with lessons and stuff (some free, and some cost to take her classes) I haven't taken any of the actual classes, but I did give my mom the beginner one for Christmas - so when she's taken it you'll have to ask her what she thinks.

Good luck and have fun - it IS addicting!