Sunday, August 3, 2008


Poor mom - all worn out.

I think we mentioned (or maybe it was on mom's blog) that mom and I bought a bunch of apricots from a traveling fruit guy. We bought two cases so that we could make jam, and preserves. They turned out so good! The preserves are more like slowly stewed in sugar water so they made really soft yummy pieces, and some nectar. I think I want to use it like on pound cake - just pour a little nectar over it? I think it will be good. But I was cleaning off the camera last night so that Justin could take it with him on his trip (see the next post), and I found these pictures and thought I should share them. Nice sunny colors and all that.


Ted & Carole Whisler said...

Do I ever wish we lived closer to you. That apricot jam looks wonderful. Our neighbor gave us a bottle of hers and it wasn't very good. She told me she made up her recipe as she went along. Also, maybe I could sneak a bite of your corn.

Sure hope you two are feeling better. Took you a while to get over it all didn't it?

Love you. Grandma W.

Blake said...

Looks good sis. You're going to need to build a storage shed for all the food if you put up too much more.

Anonymous said...

Iam so jealous of your apricots. I didn't get any this year. beautiful job of jamming and canning. Love grandma Marilyn