Saturday, August 9, 2008

Busy Weekend!!

Well, for a while now our septic system has been slowly dying. It was built in 1994, and done in an, um "alternative" way. So we've been wanting to replace it for a while now, but didn't have the resources. But now with Justin here, and dad's big job that he's had this summer, they were able to take care of it. So that's what we did this weekend. But most of that is for another post. This post is about me running the excavator (track ho). After the big work was done, Justin called me back to the pond, and gave me the run of the track ho. So I got to dig and dig for I don't really know how long, probably at least an hour. It was so fun! I loved it. I think a bigger one would have been AWESOME! But this little one was fun to learn on and try. I dug a pretty good hole, but haven't taken a pic of that yet. So for now, here's the really good pics dad took of me running the ho. So fun!


The Rhiens said...

This post may just make Joanna jealous. When she was about 3 or 4 she decided that she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. Either a "streeter" (apparently someone who did road construction) or a "dirter" (someone who ran the big equipment like the back-hoe). I'd say that you now have experience as a dirter. Way to go! Looks fun! :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome. I bet using that much power was fun.What a woman! Love Grandma Marilyn