Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Potato Farmers

Justin's mom was telling me about growing potatoes in boxes, garbage cans, plastic sacks, etc. So since our big garden didn't get used this year since it was just too cold, I thought I would give this a try. Plus then I can take them inside, or grow them any time of the year, and always have fresh new potatoes, my favorite potatoes. So far its been fun. We took two old planters and put a little dirt, some seed potatoes, and just let them do their thing. Now I need to get some more dirt and keep hilling them up so that I get as many potatoes as possible. I also read about this on this cool website, backwoodshome magazine is what its called I think. The columnist is Jackie Clay. Good fun stuff for someone like me to try, all kinds of do it yourself kinds of things. Anyway, so we had our boxes out on the deck getting ready to plant, and we turn around and here's the cat in the box. First he took a bath, then he took a nap. Funny guy. I guess that's his contribution to farming, sleeping on the equipment to make sure its sound. . . .

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