Friday, August 29, 2008

Just when we were all getting along so well. :)

I personally was going to vote Obama, until he chose Biden, who I don't like, but even then I was thinking about voting Obama, until McCain chose Palin. I'm not much into McCain, but I think Palin is great, so that changed things as far as I was concerned, because I know Palin won't settle for politics as usual.

But then, I was watching CNN, which I don't normally do (not good for the blood pressure), but thought it might be fun to watch some of the coverage of today's events, and it was so vicious (I hope I spelled that right). There were all these analysts trying to state what the people were thinking, and how everyone felt about the event, and what everyone's thoughts and feelings were, and not once did they say anything that I felt about the events, or the information being shared. Then they went on to say "this party is so out of touch, how can they, blah blah blah" and "that other party is just as out of touch, they say blah blah blah" and I just thought I'm a member of one of those parties and that's not how I feel at all. None of those views represents me or how I feel about any of this. And I'm sure I'm not the only person that is true for, but as I watch the news, and read stories, I think that's the image we're supposed to get, we're supposed to think everyone else thinks that way. "They're a blah blah, so they must think that blah blah", or even "so and so says they think blah blah, so that must be true".

I think the worst part of this supposedly historic election (aside from the usual Republican/Democrat battle royal) is that it is forcing a lot of people to choose things that they weren't prepared to choose. It's all well and good to say that its time for a black man to be president, but there are still people that it alienates (beyond the usual political hatred across lines); just as its all well and good to say a woman should be Pres or VP, but there are still people who don't want that. But this election, now with Palin chosen as the VP nom seals the 2 things in American politics that a lot of people aren't ready to vote on, but now have no choice. I think across party lines there are a lot of people who have been hoping this day would come, but now that its here, it's different. Personally I don't care - man/woman, color/no color - it doesn't matter. It shouldn't matter, but I think it does to some people, maybe a lot of people.

I think it takes an ugly event (choosing a president shouldn't be ugly, but it is, especially with the blood hungry media looking for scandal everywhere), anyway, it takes a tough event, and makes it that much harder because it squeezes people, and forces them to choose 2 things they never wanted to choose, no matter what they said. I think that is what has discouraged me more than anything about this years politics - this should be exciting and fun, but its so ugly, and hypocritical, and loud. I wish our nation wasn't so tied up in political names and categories - it alienates people. I wish we could just say that we were all going to vote for the person that best represented the direction we wanted our country to go, but I don't think we do. I think we end up out of necessity choosing the person we think will cause the least harm, and that's no way to run a country. We wouldn't buy a house that way, or a car. "Hmm, I think I'll get this model, it won't be the worst car I could drive". Or maybe we do do things that way, I don't know.

I guess I just don't want people, especially families and friends to feel offended, or picked on, or not heard, or feel like their party or position is somehow unacceptable or "wrong". So, I guess what I'm really saying is - I love to talk about politics, and issues, and positions, but I don't do it to be mean, or make people mad, or to try and convince or bully people, or to get in someone's face and make them defensive, or to somehow say "I believe only what I believe, and nothing else so LALALALA". I just find it fascinating, but if it comes across badly, I don't mean it that way, that's not my point at all, I just like discussion. So - can't we all just get along? :) I Love you all!


Anonymous said...

I feel a lot like you do. I had picked obama but don't care for joe biden. Same about Mccain-I am afraid he is too far out of the loop .I liked the Alaska lady too. What a dilema.Love grandma Marilyn

Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

I can't stand the way the news media has to distort everything and villainize anything conservative. What you weren't hearing on CNN is that there's a real positive buzz around McCain's VP pic, and she's a real do-er.

I also think it's healthy to have discussion of principle's and views without taking your attacks to the extreme.

I've made my pick for president, but I don't feel like forcing it on anyone. I don't feel like any choice is necessarily what I believe in though. - So you won't see any bumper stickers on my car.

thanks for the political commentary - Paul

Ellis Family said...

I am getting so fed up with all of the media coverage and spin on things. Really - I think the nasty directions our country is taking are almost 100% related to all of the media we have. The recession and economic woes have exploded because the media preaches all this doom and gloom - freaking people out - causing more problems. Makes me crazy.....Oh how it would be with the good old days with newspaper and magazines (and maybe 2-3 television channels too...) Sure would be a different world than it is today.

Thanks for the thoughts on McCain's pick for VP. I have had many mixed feelings about his choice - but I do have to say the more I learn about her, the more I am liking her and the positions she stands for. Personally I was hoping Romney would make a come-back (Not because he's LDS - but it would be great for our economy if nothing else!) - but it looks like Palin could be a great addition to the McCain ticket.

I wish in some ways that I could crawl under a rock and not come out until all the political garbage was over - it's going to be a long next couple of months!

Blake said...

This stuff is as old as democracy. During the Jefferson - Burr election, the opposition spread a rumor that Jefferson was an Athiest and that he was dead.

Jefferson responded by charging that Burr wanted to establish a monarchy and was at heart a tyrant.

The charges and smears go both ways, and I don't see it changing anytime soon. The term Swiftboating wasn't created because a conservative person got unfairly smeared.

In the end, the out come matters enough to inspire passions and that is because we all love what we want America to be, we just don't always agree on how to get there.

The problem is that we are losing the post election slap on the back and then we get along as one country again. The permanent election cycle means we are all at eachothere throats all the time and we never have the healing moment where we congratulate each other and become countrymen again.

I don't think it will end well, as I can't see either side backing down from the fight.

Alicia & Justin Clark said...

I agree with you Blake, we're nto even close to being done with this election, and already they're talking about 2012. I mean for crying out loud. . .

Anonymous said...

And that is all the fault of the need for such huge amounts of money, so that anyone above the level of citycouncil spends all their time raising money, cultivating donors, being responsive to lobbyists, and toeing the party line so that the party will help them with election funds. Yuck. Also, the media consistently stresses the horse race--competitive aspects of the race and hardly talks about the issues and policies at all.

Got to go, love you all, Sandra

Anonymous said...

Nice Alicia. Well said. I'm with you on it. Why do elections give people the excuse to act like preschoolers again??? Nice to hear though from someone who lives in Palin's state.