Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our new toy

There was an auction this weekend for a construction company that was going out of business, so dad and I ran up to check it out while Justin worked on the sewer. We were looking for something we could work on the yard with and plow snow with. But the piece of machinery that would have been most helpful went for more money than anything else. BUT they had a couple of trucks that looked good, one with a snow plow on it. So we bought the plow truck! Dad was kind of looking at another truck to use as his welding truck which would have been really cool, but since we had already boughten the plow truck that didn't work out. But here's a picture of our new toy. We bought truck and all for 3-5K less than just the plow would have been. So now we can plow our driveway, and if someone needs money this winter, we can do a snowplowing business. I'm pretty excited, I've always wanted a plow truck. . .

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