Friday, September 26, 2008

Alien Patrol

Notice the smudge show up on the screen in picture 2? Mya got so excited that mom was taking her picture that she had to run up for an "upclose" shot. Then we had to get the dog goobers off the camera. She's great to have around. She loves when dad or Justin works outside and she gets to be with them. If its just mom and I and she has to be inside doing "girl" stuff, then she gets very depressed. Its kind of funny. Oh, and in the pictures, the background, you can see the old kitchen floor, which is now big golden brown tiles, very pretty.

I really don't have anything to say, but I wanted to blog today for some reason. I spent most of the day cooking in our torn up kitchen, which was actually kind of fun. We still have to be careful where we walk as we wait for the mortar to set that is holding the tiles. We learned yesterday that if the mortar is not set, and the tile is stepped on, sometimes it breaks. But if we only lose one tile, then that's doing really good I think. It was fun to be in there on the new floor, and enjoy it for cooking. I wasn't sure if I would like it, but I'm already really liking it. I thought it would be too hard, and make my feet hurt, but it wasn't, in fact the cooler temp of the tiles helped keep my feet from hurting so badly. I liked that.

Justin has been working on firewood, and other projects lately, waiting for to finish up the final bits of the tile work. I'll post some more pictures when it is done and grouted. Right now there is stuff everywhere. Pretty messy, but will give us a chance to put it back together in a more organized way hopefully. Plus we can give everything a nice cleaning before it goes back in. We already took the freezer out onto the deck, its new home. After we took it out of the entryway (literally the only place in the entire house where it fit and had power) so that we could lay the floor, we just said no way - not going back in the entryway. So, after measuring it many times, and measuring every doorway and space in the house (again, we already did that 3 years ago when we bought the freezer) after we did that we said Out on the deck it goes! So today Justin and dad make a roof to go over it and keep some of the snow off.
I got to do a little scrapbooking this week, I got some really cute halloween papers for making cards to sell, and there were so cute I wanted to use them for something for me. I didn't have any pictures of anything I've done on halloween handy, but I was digging through my drawer of current "projects" and found pictures from last halloween when Autumn brought her kids over, and did a couple pages about them. It was really nice to just scrapbook and not worry about trying to make something to sell, or working on my Christmas cards (yep, I've already started making them. I think I have 25 done already).
This is probably a very boring blog post, but I just felt like writing so here you go! :) Guess I better go get my stuff packed up for the potluck tonight, its international night, and we're supposed to bring something from the country where our ancestors came from originally. I chose Germany and make German Streusel Kuchen, kind of a shortbread cookie/bar thing I've never made before, and Scotland and made a barley mushroom casserole, which smelled really good, and I love barley. Should be fun. Everyone I've talked to has been really excited about it, so I hope we get a good turnout. Seems like people are really into bringing dishes from their "homeland". Well, better go get ready.

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Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

All right, I'll admit it, I was the one that broke the tile. Everyone else had been stepping on that tile and it had been 24 hours and i just barely touched it and it snapped. I was so embarrassed, so now Im all nervous about being too fat to walk on my floor.

The kuchen (Toni Walkers recipe) was really good and so was the barley casserole. She used our own eggs, milk and basil to cook with. That was kind of fun to have that self-sufficient feeling. Good job.