Sunday, September 21, 2008

Freezer malfuntion, maybe

Ok, well maybe I shouldn't blame the poor freezer for the operator error. About 2 months ago we noticed that the freezer wasn't sealing, and so being the maintenance workers that we are, dad and I got some duck tape and taped the door shut. So then, whenever you wanted anything out of the freezer, usually you'd yank the door, pull the muscles in your arm, remember the door was taped shut, peel the tape off, get what you wanted, close it up, and go on your way. Well, I've been meaning to defrost it for a while now, even though it was supposed to be frost free, or so we thought. Well all of a sudden monday I opened the freezer and it had really been leaking (the duck tape quit being a "solution") and so we did an emergency defrost. I found the manual, and it was supposed to be defrosted at least once per year. And we've had it defrosting. oops. So we defrosted it and got it all fixed up. But now we're going to move it downstairs (and out of the entryway) and bring the slightly smaller upright freezer upstairs into the kitchen. I'm sure that will be fun. Nothing like carrying a giant appliance down a flight of stairs, and carrying another giant appliance up the stairs to make you wish you lived in a level house.

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The Rhiens said...

Whoa! That's a lot of frost. No fun defrosting that, huh?