Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall is Falling

The pictures are actually from Tok, last year. But since I don't have an fall pictures yet, these will have to do. :)

I realized last year that I really love fall. I love the smells, the colors, the food, the smell of cider and other fall spices , the slower pace after crazy summer hours, the cooler weather, the decorations, the holidays. I just love it all. I used to love summer (what kid doesn't?), but I've found as I get "older" that summer is work. There's gardening, and painting, and fishing, and cleaning, and traveling, and on and on and on. Summer is hard work when you get out of the school routine. Not so much vacation, especially up here where it is so expensive to travel in the summer because of bloated hotel/attraction prices. Plus the crowds, the traffic, the craziness - I just welcome the return of fall, and normalcy. Plus in fall and winter I have the weather excuse if I don't want to go somewhere. "Oh sorry, can't do that, big rain storm, sorry" or later "sorry, big blizard, no can do." :)

But aside from the excuses, I love fall itself. The warm earthy colors. I have this thing for pumpkins (food and decorative). I have a bunch of pumpkin recipes that I am eager to try. Plus now I get to enjoy the wood stove going almost all the time, and the warmth that brings.mmm toasty. This cute bird feeder, is from "The Country Door" catalog, and its just cute, a little too expensive for a bird feeder, but really cute.
I also love to shop at Joann's for fall stuff, usually because its almost always at least 40% off, and I like to buy on sale. Last year at Joann's and Fred Meyer I got these really cool glass pumpkins that look kind of crackled. Hmm, should take a picture and post it, as soon as I get them out and on my table. I also got halloween/fall table cloths. Easy and cheap way to redecorate, and really I'm going to say it again - they're cute. :) The wreath here isn't especially great, but I love this style of decoration. I want to learn how to make them, so that I can make one for fall, one for Christmas, etc. They look easy enough, but wreaths have never been my strong suit.
Well, I just wanted to share a little bit of my love of fall with you all. Oh, and sorry for any mis-typings; my astigmatisms have changed, so I can't wear my glasses and do computer work, or I get a frightful headache, and really my vision is not good enough to work without glasses but if I want to be on the computer I have to take them off. . . .I hope October 1st comes quickly so I can get my new glasses.

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