Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's raining its pouring

I know I've already said that I love fall, but I found something else that I like about it this week. This week that dad is gone hunting is always the week that the rainy season starts. We get these typhoons/monsoons that come from Japan usually, and they dump rain on us - those really cool big rain storms where you just watch and say "wow!". I love that. So that's what we've been having this week. The other cool thing about it is that Justin's company doesn't work in the big rains, so he gets to stay home, another thing I love. It's such a relief from the busy summer season where he usually leaves the house by 6 am, and gets home sometime between 6 pm and 9 pm. So its really really nice to have him home, and be able to do more stuff together. Although yesterday we used our time to defrost the freezer downstairs, and make a new roosting box/cubicle for the chickens. They've been using 1 box, and with 40 chickens they are crushing eggs then as they jockey for position. Speaking of which I need to go look for eggs. I just wanted to say - Welcome Rainy Season! :)

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Anonymous said...

Sorry we've been a bit MIA lately. Busy, busy, busy.
I'm falling in love with autumn too though this year. I love the weather & all the fun stuff. I can't wait for the Apple Cider & to go pumpkin picking with Taj.
I'm jealous you get the rain too though! I love rain & those huge rain storms. And it would be nice if it made Ben have to stay home from work too.