Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boat launch

Catching some sea doos. If you can put it on a trailer we can launch it or retrive it! :)

Here's Justin cutting the skid plate off the bottom of his machine so he can get to the transmission and front end to work on them. The skid plate isn't supposed to be welded on, whoever had the machine last really did a number on it!
There's Justin's legs under his machine. See how the tire is off the ground? He used the blade to life the front end of the machine off the ground.

More of Justin under the machine.

The door wasn't quite latched when Earl took off and as he went down the ramp the door flew open, got hooked on the tire, and popped off. It was hilarious!

There's the boat as it motors away.

Farther into the water

Deeper and deeper
Pushing the boat deeper into the water.

Backing it into the water
Down the runway

Down the way

Here they go

Hauling our first boat out to be launched

Our other skidder - Justin's skidder. He runs the yellow one. His dad runs the red/orange one
The big house loaded on the trailer to go down to the beach.
Skidder with all its teeth, ready to go to work, rake some rocks, and launch some boats.

Bunkhouse ready to run down the road.

Here's our first little bunkhouse, safely delivered to the beach.

Down the road...

Just can't wait to get on the road again...

Our first skidder.
Justin's dad welding some "teeth" onto the blade of the skidder. The teeth are for raking rocks off of the beach.

Talatha, and Justin's mom, putting together some spill pans for underneath the skidder. We put them under the skidders while they're parked to catch and leaks, spills, etc.

Here's our "big" bunkhouse/kitchen/bathroom. It was quite a project to build. Then we also built another small bunkhouse, that is just 3 beds.

Here's the "little" bunkhouse on the trailer, ready to move to the beach.

Little bunkhouse, loaded on the trailer to move to the beach.
Well those are the pictures of our first couple weeks of boat launch business. I'll try and get a video of us launching, and a video of us retrieving so that you can really see more of what its like.


Anonymous said...

I loved the pics! Man it must be so much fun to do that kindof stuff~ but I would be scared stiff to be under a machine like justin was!

Ellis Family said...

I'm so glad that you posted pictures of this! I love being able to visualize things better. Thanks for sharing. What an adventure for you guys. We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers and hope it will be a very successful venture for you.

Lots of love - Joanna