Friday, May 15, 2009

You know....

This has been a weird, sometimes good, sometimes horrible week. A couple of days ago 2 of my baby goats were not doing good at all, so I called the really nice woman Beth that we got our 2 does from, and asked for her help. I took those two over to her house, and she agreed that they weren't looking good, and the one especially might not make the night. So we went over what I could do for them, and suggestions and stuff, and after a while I said, you know I'm at the point I would give them to someone just to make sure they survived, and she said, well I could watch them for you, and nurse them for a while if you like. I, of course agreed! She's got a large herd of goats, and she always has really good ideas and is really helpful and nice.

So she agreed to take the two of them for a while to nurse them and help them hopefully feel better. She's done a great job! They're doing really good she says. I'm not sure how long she will keep them. We're actually trading one of them to her for a billy goat that she's been bottle raising for us, so we'll do a little goat swap and one of them will end up being hers anyway, but it was really nice of her to take them. The two I kept are doing better. They have been eating more each day. I added a little whole store bought milk into their bottles, and they've been liking that, plus Beth also said I should give them canned pumpkin for the diarrhea, and they LOVE the pumpkin. I open their mounts and put it in on their tongue and they get so excited and eat it up. Really cute! I'll have to post some pictures soon. The camera is in the truck with Justin at the boat launch. There are some really cool pictures on it too that I want to share.

Mom had her procedure up in Soldotna and she's doing better today. We'll get the results back on wednesday hopefully. Then we can go through another round of deciding what to do. Her new doctore is really good, and we really like him though, so I think he'll do a great job on whatever needs done.

Other than that, everyone but me (so far) is sick with some kind of cold/flu thing. They are all miserable! I hope it passes quickly (and I hope I don't get it!).

Let's see - its mostly spring now. We've had some really beautiful days. The boat launch is going good, business is picking up every day. Tomorrow the river opens for salmon fishing, so that should really give us a boost too (we hope). Then next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, and that's traditionally the first really big weekend, so we're hoping to do good.

I guess we don't have a lot else to report. Our DSL modem died a few days ago, so we've been waiting to get that fixed, finally the repairman came today and set up a new one. YAY! So glad to be back online. I never realize how much I do online until the internet is unavailable. The first day is okay, but after that its kind of rough, hehe. Ok, well hope you're all doing good! love Alicia


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Anonymous said...

Hope the goats keep getting stonger and stronger. Part of me whishes I could be part of seeing the boasts launch and you get a start on your dreams. Love Grandma Marilyn

Sandra said...

He Alicia, It's great that Beth can help you with the goats--4 babies to nurse at once is A LOT, even without all the other drama and duties.

Good luck with the business. Do you have a curve for how many boats you need a day to make money?

Much love, Sandra