Friday, May 8, 2009

So stinking cute!!

This is Edie closest to the camera, she was trying to head butt me to give her some milk. She's the runt.

This is Edie after Justin's mom taught her to nurse. That's Susan behind her.

Edie is closest to me again. Susan is the black and white. Mike is the red one, and Bree is the blondish one close to Gretta. Sorry about the placenta in the picture.

Oh my gosh they're so cute! And we have four of them! Four desperate housegoats! We were so blessed to get 3 girls and one boy, so now we'll have at least 5 nanny goats we can breed and have milk from, so we'll be able to have milk year round if we schedule it right. So cute, and so fun. I was going to work at the boat launch, and as I walked around the house to get in the car, I heard a really high pitched goat whinny, and I thought, well that's odd, I wonder what's wrong with the goats. And I went in and here's all these little babies! The one was outside, and really cold, so I picked her up and started rubbing her and snuggling her. So then she warmed right up and started walking around. Mom came downstairs with the camera, and helped snuggle the cold one, and Justin's mom came right over to the house from the beach, and checked them all over, and said they looked great and Gretta's a good mommy goat. Gretta's so tired though, we finally got her to lie down this evening after we milked her a little and gave the runt some milk. Edie is the runt, she was the one laying outside, and she's pretty cute with a strawberry blond body, and yellow blond face. Then there is Bree, she looks just like Edie, except she's not got the yellow blond face. Then there is Susan, and she's the black and white goat. The boy is named Mike. He's a beautiful red color, with black and white accents. Really attractive. So this is our herd! They're so cute. We've got about 3 weeks left before Gabby has her babies, but Gretta was a week early, so we'll see what happens.

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The Rhiens said...

They are SOOOO cute! I bet it'll be kinda noisy around there for awhile, especially after the other one gives birth, too. We didn't realize that they have that many at once. Pretty cool! Thanks for posting the pictures. They look more grown up than I would have imagined.